Start Spending Your Money Internationally

Okay, how many of us sometimes need something and they can’t find it in the neighborhood? Probably many. Sometimes even when they are there, they might be a little bit expensive.

Speaking from experience, few months ago i bought a desktop machine and i wanted it to have the best GPU(Graphics Processing Unity: more like a CPU for graphics). Nvidia had already released their GeForce GTX  with 4GB video memory and i was like “Wow, this is a real piece of hardware!”. So, i turned the whole city up & down searching for the GPU and Guess what; it was no where to be found. In fact, many seller said; “Such a thing does not exist”. How would you feel if this happened to you? How would you fill if you can’t get what you want while knowing it’s out there? Well, i don’t know about you, but i would be really mad. Well, at first i was mad at these electronic hardware shop which didn’t have what i needed, but in the end i was mad at myself who didn’t know how to get what i needed.

Cases are many and i wouldn’t want to bore you with details, so let me tell you how i started going international.

First, if you have a bank account, you already can go Turbo Shopping (by that i mean shop internationally). All you need to get started is a Visa Card from  your bank (which i guess most of us have). Generally, on every online shop, you’ll have the ability to use the card.

But in the age where everyone can set up a online shop, security should be an issue. Yes, While sites like Amazon, Ebay, etc. can be trusted with transactions that use our bank and cards data, some sites  shouldn’t be trusted. Not because they can misuse our trust, but because there are chances that their security can be compromised. Of course every security can be compromised, but don’t you understand the odds of Amazon’s security and my security  for example getting compromised? I bet you do.

So, in such a case where you are worried of some online shop’s security, what should you do?

Get someone to pay for you! Okay, that may sound confusing, and you’re probably wondering; How would i do that? And the answer is; By using PayPalPaypal is free and will give you an ability to add bank accounts (they have to be internationally recognized), credit cards, visa cards, etc. which you can use to feed your Paypal account or use Paypal to feed your cards and bank account (in case you sell things online or have online businesses).

PayPal is globally recognized payment method and one of those guys you can trust, so in our case, you can deposit the money you need in it, and when it comes to paying, use Paypal, not cards or bank acs.

Well, this is the end forks, i hope you enjoyed and learned something in this pep talk. If you ever have have any problems in setting up your Paypal account or need more insight in your journey of online shopping and selling, Contact me or use any of my social network.