images of word's best CMSs

Web Design & Development

Web design: As the name sounds, it’s more about web page layout. Well, at least it used to be. In my point of view, modern web design is a huge subject; it incorporates skills such as graphics designs, the knowledge of Html5, CSS3, Javascript, Research and knowing when to use many of the CSS and Javascript libraries out there. It requires getting out of our comfort zone and use server side technologies like PHP, Ruby On Rails, Java EE, ASP.NET, etc. which help much when it comes to the dynamics, production and maintenance of websites.

image showing responsive design
An image showing responsive design in action

Needless to mention that modern website must be all devices friendly(refer to the image) and search engines optimized. And there is also web analytics; who are the people that visit you? Where are they from? How often do they visits you? What device is frequently used to visit you? etc. all the information necessary for a healthy website.

There is also CMSs (Content Management Systems), which is what i actually call any full featured website, a website that can manage all types of contents. At Nissa Designs, we make secure breath taking CMSs, we also use open source CMSs like wordpress, Drupal, Joomla, etc.

images of word's best CMSs
Content Management Systems

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