Video Editing & VFX

Video Editing is the process of manipulating video footage so as to achieve one’s goals, these may be to inform, entertain, persuade, etc. It involves thoughtful slicing of video footage, arranging the slices and making thoughtful, right paced and creative transitions between them. This too is an art, at-least i think; because how one make cuts and transitions can often invoke an emotion in viewers. While there are many computer programs for video editing, i find the combination of Adobe’s Premier Pro, After Effects and Audition (for audio editing and sound design) to be the ultimate weapon. One may need to know also that motion graphics include some video editing.

Here also comes VFX(Visual Effects); these are after effects, they are incorporated in footage later so as to simulate scenarios that can not be achieved in real video shooting. These can be like aerial shots, massive destructions, gunshots, etc. (guess a good program to achieve them: You guessed right; Adobe’s After Effects). Below are some of my work,…

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