The logo in reds
The original color.

Just to soften the blow, this is not an animation of a failed experiment; Just an animation that ended up looking different. Mainly because of color; i originally had red in mind but it seemed too intense. Check the image below;

So, lately, I kinda felt like; “Do I still have my Mograph (Motion Graphics) juice?” Well, there was only one option left; to find out. So I decided to create a logo animation that I can use as an intro to all my videos. Check it out.

Modeling and Animating Nature

A while back i post a video about modeling nature that as made of animated pictures. This time i stepped up the game. With a real animation; water, boats, cars, you name it.

While there are a lot of programs one can use to model environments, Vue and 3Ds Max are the best. Of course Vue takes the first place with its ecosystems, terrains, clouds, etc. one doesn’t need any serious skills(except knowing the tool) to use this phenomenal tool. And 3Ds Max, well, you can do anything with it; provided you know how to use it. Plus, their interoperability is a miracle; so knowing both helps a lot.

In my case, i wanted to use Vue inside 3Ds Max(for easy animation), but either way, they all took forever to render. As a result, i removed all the detailed components such as trees(here i used planes mapped with tree images), 3d clouds, etc. Below is the video, tell me what you think and have fun.

Modeling Natural Environments

Folks, long time. Shortly, this is a video i just made about Modeling Natural Environments, it shows a hills environment, lakeside forest, a suspended bridge and few cars passing by. I wanted to add boats, fishes and animate them, but it wasn’t easy; i had 50 millions high quality trees on a land of 7km by 6km! Hence an image was taking about 10 minutes to render! I couldn’t wait all that long; below is the video, and below the video are the row images in case you need them.

Here are the images